Overnight Peach and Blueberry Oatmeal

It’s day 3 of Crocktoberfest and I’m excited to share one of our families favorite breakfasts! I stumbled upon this recipe last year, when I picked 55lbs of peaches at the orchard. 55 pounds of peaches? Seriously? Yeah. Well..see..what had happened was…We finally made the trek to the apple orchard with the intent of picking a few apples, you know, the […]

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Ham & Cheese Muffins (Gluten Free)

Our typical meal plan the last few months has seemed to consist of chicken, chicken, chicken, and more chicken. I’m not really sure why, we just seemed to have gotten in a chicken rut. Desperate for a change of pace, we added an all time favorite to the line up this week- spiral sliced ham! Ham is almost like a comfort food to […]

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More Strawberries Please!

My two year old LOVES strawberries! She never gets enough of them! We constantly hear  “I want mur strawberries pleez”. I think she had about 10 at breakfast this morning. I’m not complaining, I would much rather her love fruit than all the other junk food that is out there for kids.  There are times, however, when eating a delicious, juicy, red strawberry is […]

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Magical Mornings

Saturday mornings are magical for me. Partly, because I get an extra hour of sleep and I am excited to spend the day with my family but mostly because I get to cook my favorite meal- Breakfast!  For me, breakfast is a meal that says “I love you”. If you have ever spent hours making pancakes in the morning for your family […]

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