Garlic Roasted Vegetables

Fall is finally here- hooray! Cooler weather here we come! To celebrate I cranked my oven up to 400 and roasted some veggies! I know, not your typical bake something pumpkin.. but I have big plans for that too! Besides, I had to be practical and dinner won over dessert. I haven’t done a lot of roasted vegetables this summer […]

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More Strawberries Please!

My two year old LOVES strawberries! She never gets enough of them! We constantly hear  “I want mur strawberries pleez”. I think she had about 10 at breakfast this morning. I’m not complaining, I would much rather her love fruit than all the other junk food that is out there for kids.  There are times, however, when eating a delicious, juicy, red strawberry is […]

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Grilled Chicken for a Crowd – or a Freezer!

This week I began been participating in an Online Bible Study by Karen Ehman, titled “A Life that Says Welcome”.  So far this Bible Study has been great! It really focuses on relieving the stresses and pressures that go along with entertaining and focusing on our call to show hospitality to others.  I have never thought about how different hospitality […]

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Think Outside of the Box

I am soooo excited about my Think Outside of the Box Pizza Series starting tomorrow! It’s a fresh, healthier spin on one of your family’s favorite meals- Pizza!  Everyone loves pizza- right? So why not dedicate every Friday in February to it- seems fitting since February is the month of love. In preparation for tomorrow I wanted to share a great whole wheat […]

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