Grilled Chicken for a Crowd – or a Freezer!

This week I began been participating in an Online Bible Study by Karen Ehman, titled “A Life that Says Welcome”.  So far this Bible Study has been great! It really focuses on relieving the stresses and pressures that go along with entertaining and focusing on our call to show hospitality to others.  I have never thought about how different hospitality […]

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Pizza Cups

  It’s Friday, Woohoo!! It’s late Friday (sorry I didn’t get this up for you earlier) but it is still Friday, which means it’s Time for another Think Outside of the Box Pizza idea!  Today’s recipe was inspired by something my sister brought to a family gathering. She just whipped them up with no recipe at all (she’s talented like that 🙂 […]

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“Makes Mom Happy” Meal

What is it about chicken nuggets that makes them so irresistible to kids? (and Moms too!) I can’t even tell you how many kids I know that practically live off of chicken nuggets.  Ask most any child what their favorite meal is and hands down it’s chicken nuggets, followed closely by pizza (we’ll address that later  🙂 ) So far, I […]

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