National **Un-Official** Dip Week

Did you know that there is a National Pancake Week? How about National Oatmeal Month or Cheese Doodle Day? It’s true. Apparently there is a food (or several) recognized nationally for just about every single month, week and day of the year. Crazy right?!  Yeah I still can’t wrap my brain around it.. you could start an entire blog just about observing […]

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Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

Have you ever started to make something and thought “This is either going to be out of this world or it’s going to be an epic fail”. No? Hmmm.. I find myself thinking that way to often, especially when I’m trying new recipes. Yesterday was no exception. The pancakes I made for breakfast.. epic fail! But dinner.. dinner was fantastic! Seriously, […]

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Garlic Roasted Vegetables

Fall is finally here- hooray! Cooler weather here we come! To celebrate I cranked my oven up to 400 and roasted some veggies! I know, not your typical bake something pumpkin.. but I have big plans for that too! Besides, I had to be practical and dinner won over dessert. I haven’t done a lot of roasted vegetables this summer […]

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Homemade Frozen Steamed Corn

I love the frozen corn you buy in the store that comes in a steamer bag, it’s so convenient and makes an easy side dish.  The only problem is that I consider it to be pretty expensive- $2 for 12 oz of corn, a cup and a half! You can save money by making your own bags of steamer corn.  You can […]

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