Brown Sugar Toffee Apple Dip

Is it the weekend yet? I love weekends in the fall, there is always so much going on-  pumpkin patches, hayrides, apple orchards, church events, family reunions, sports and just about everyone is having some sort of fall festival. So much to do, and yet it doesn’t feel as overwhelming and busy as other times of the year. I think everyone is excited for the break […]

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Butternut Squash and Pear Soup

Have you ever started to make something and thought “This is either going to be out of this world or it’s going to be an epic fail”. No? Hmmm.. I find myself thinking that way to often, especially when I’m trying new recipes. Yesterday was no exception. The pancakes I made for breakfast.. epic fail! But dinner.. dinner was fantastic! Seriously, […]

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Spidee Brownies

Yesterday I added 26 meals to my freezer.. yep 26. It was fantastic! Don’t worry, I’ll be getting those recipes up soon but today’s post is actually about what I made after the 26 meals.. Spidee Brownies! Anytime I do freezer cooking I like to reward myself with a special treat. Yesterday, I decided to treat myself to these cute […]

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