Lift Up Your Eyes

I continue to be amazed at how God shows me His love through the joys and struggles of being a mom. He uses the simplest things that could so easily go overlooked as a teachable moment for me. This morning I got my lesson during bath time.

My sweet girl loves everything about bath time EXCEPT for washing her hair.  We’ve tried everything – no tears shampoos, the little pour cup, laying back – it doesn’t matter- she hates it.  As soon as we begin to rinse her hair out she starts fussing and crying.  I try to get her to hold her chin up so the water will roll backwards but she panics every time. She thinks she knows best, she wants to do things her way (No idea where she got this stubborn sense of independence..). She jerks her head around and the water ends up rolling down her face.  If she would just look up at me like I tell her to this would be so much easier.

Today as I was trying so desperately to get her to calm down I pleaded with her “Just look up baby, look at me, it’s ok, I’ve got you” I stopped. How many times has God stood there pleading with me- Look up sweet girl, turn your eyes to me, focus on me, trust me – I’ve got you, and how many times have I so stubbornly pulled away.

We are up against so many trials and tough times in this world but God wants to help us through them. He wants to make it easier for us, He wants to save us those tears but we turn away from Him. The God of all comfort is trying to keep our head above water and we pull away- struggling to do things our way. Struggling to maintain our independence. Not trusting, not listening and we end up hurt and in tears.

Lord, I’m so sorry I turn my focus from you when I’m afraid or upset. I am so sorry that I still fail to trust you when things get rough. I stupidly try to do things my way when you are pleading with me to let you care of it. I praise you that you are still there for me every time. You never get angry and say “fine, do it yourself”. You continue to gently and lovingly hold my chin up and remind me to look toward you!

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  • What a beautiful post! God is so good to use the seemingly little things in life to open our eyes to His divine truths. Our lives would be so much more ‘fret-free’ if we would just ‘look up’! I’m sure bath time will eventually get easier… Until then, keep your chin up!
    A new follower via FFF from Mary @ Woman to Woman.

  • Powerful stuff, friend. Very powerful. Now, if only we could remember to love our children in such a way as well as just listen to God when he tells us things like that. Whether you intended it or not, I just got TWO lessons there!

  • Look up! Yes, a very important thing that I need to be reminded of once in awhile. Thanks for linking up with the Thrive @ Home community!

  • Oh, our children are most certainly given to us to sanctify us and to show us more of the character of God. We have three very strong-willed boys here. Thanks for linking up with Thrive @ Home!

  • “Just look up baby, look at me, it’s ok, I’ve got you”

    Yeah. That right there. Thank you. Thank you. What a beautiful picture of God’s love and provision for us.