No Excuses

You know that awkward feeling that you have when you’ve lost touch with someone? You’ve thought about them, you meant to call, you got busy. A week goes by and the cycle repeats itself. Two weeks. You really want to reach out to them, you feel horrible but if you call them now it’s going to be so awkward. What will you say? How could they ever forgive you? You push it off for another week and then another. Before you know it the time has gotten away from you and it’s been over a month and a half.

You have two options 1-continue to distance yourself 2-humbly admit that you made a HUGE mistake. Well friends, I made a mistake. I hit that awkward moment with my posting. I won’t even give you the excuses I came up with because as my 7th Grade teacher said “Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build monuments of nothing”. Mr. Chandler was no joke- if you didn’t have your homework and tried to give him a reason you heard the resounding “READ THE BOARD”. (The quote was written on the board.) You can imagine in a 7th grade math class we heard that quote A LOT! What I will tell you is that God is faithful and for every doubt satan tried to put in my head about this blog, God showed me it simply wasn’t true. This is God’s will for me right now and I am going to be faithful to it despite satan’s attacks!

I want you to know that although I have not put any posts up I have still been working on a lot of great things that I am excited to share with you. Devotions, Organizational Helps, Printable, Recipes, Crafts- all sorts of stuff the Lord has opened my eyes to in this first month at home! I have also done some work on the site. I added an About Page (short and sweet) and a Photography Page (be sure and take a look, really excited about my before and afters). It’s my goal not to let it get awkward again friends so stick around, I will have new stuff up for you every week! 🙂

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