Crockpot Chinese Chicken

To finish out Crocktoberfest this week, I’m sharing our absolute FAVORITE recipe. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive to make, it’s good for you and it’s super quick to put together! It’s also hands down the best thing I’ve ever made in a crockpot. I know, that’s a pretty bold statement. I’m willing to own it. Try it for yourself and see, […]

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Grill a Meal – BBQ Chicken Legs & BBQ Apple Crisp

We love grilling out in the summer and with July 4th just around the corner we wanted to share a Grill-a-Meal with you! This meal is perfect for your summer BBQ’s, especially this holiday weekend! Chicken legs are an inexpensive and easy alternative to burgers. We got a pack of 14 for about $5, but if you watch for sales you can […]

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Potty Training and the Gospel- who knew?

I mentioned in a post on Tuesday that I have been potty training my little girl this week. We’ve had our ups.. and downs and so far we have made hardly any progress but one of these days (after telling her over and over) she’s going to get it and on that day we are going to celebrate!! All our hard work […]

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